Quence è business partner di: kiuwan Kiuwan is the Optimyth cloud solution for the Certification, Management and Government of the quality and productivity of the source code of yourbusiness critical application portfolios. The source code analyses done by Kiuwan are oriented to measureanalyze and verify the quality of the code of your applications portfolios, providing, immediately, essential results and reports of the analyzed code. Kiuwan analyzes more than a dozen technologies and provides the following capabilities:

  • Source code static analysis, either locally —through a downloadable agent— or in the cloud —uploading the code to Kiuwan site—, based on a set of own analyzers.
  • Procurement of software quality metrics —number of violations, complexity, design, volumetric…—.
  • Detection of duplicate code.
  • Procurement of software quality indicators, necessary for the governance and management of the software applications portfolio —Risk associated with the structural quality of the code, Quality indexEffort to targetTechnical debt …—.
  • Visualization, through dashboards, of the obtained results.
  • Suggestion of modifications —’Action Plan’— that reduce code maintenance effort and therefore its TCO, with the option to export this plan to an issue tracking tool, like Atlassian JIRA.
  • Historical results of the analysis.
  • Comparison of the results with other applications —ranking—.
  • Automatic reports at executive and detailed level generation.
  • Grouping of applications in portfolios capability.
  • Categorization of the applied rules and metrics.
  • Supports and management of recognized Quality Models by the industry or elaborated by customers.


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